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PCA Summer Camp is back! Join us starting with June 13 and enjoy a summer of learning and nature relaxation until August 5, 2022.

Two different programs are available, depending on the age of the child:

  1. Preschool – 2nd grade: Traditional Summer Camp – Eight educational, engaging, and nurturing themed weeks. 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. daily. Come join us for a summer of  wonder: listen to some of American country music’s best; travel back in time to see the birth of the Renaissance period; see what it takes to be a little-chef; become enchanted by Jan Brett’s mesmerizing illustrations and stories; be brave enough to take a hike in the Amazonian Rainforest;  witness the fight between good and evil in classic fairy tales; be transported by Eric Carle’s mesmerizing stories and art; learn to admire Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous paintings; or travel back in time to meet some of the Bible heroes – be part of a fascinating adventure of learning on our beautiful green campus. See the Registration Form (includes pricing information and details about each week’s theme) here
  2. 3rd – 8th grade: Summer Enrichment (remedial or advanced) Do your children need additional academic help this summer? Do you feel they could use a booster in English, math, reading, and one subject of choice such as spelling, history, or writing? This is the place; this is the time! Let’s make the 2022-2023 school year an easier, more worthwhile year for our students! See the Registration Form (includes pricing information) hereTutoring sessions available upon request.

The summer camp and the summer enrichment programs are run entirely by our talented PCA teachers, in perfect harmony with our classical approach. Both programs include daily prayers and weekly liturgy, project / class  time, play time, lunch, and reading time. Florida weather permitting, outdoor classes and play time are scheduled daily, taking advantage of our beautiful, ten acre campus, where the children will enjoy nature walks, physical education, games and outdoor activities, or, for the Preschool-2nd grade group, organic gardening and tending to our certified butterfly garden.

All the buildings are equipped with AC scrubbers, and sanitation is done meticulously, ensuring everyone’s safety and well-being. Our children spend their days away from electronics, enjoying childhood in a whimsical way, nourishing their souls, their minds, and their bodies.

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