Christ-Centered, Classical, Organic and Green!
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Christ-Centered, Classical, Organic and Green!
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Established in 2012, Paideia Classical Academy, Florida’s first Orthodox Classical School, welcomes you to its thirteenth year of learning. Glory be to God for all things!

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN FOR THE 2024-2025 SCHOOL YEAR— limited availability

August 16th, 2024

Join Us for the Annual School Meet and Greet!

We are excited to invite all our students and parents to our annual School Meet and Greet event! This is a wonderful opportunity for families to meet teachers, staff, and other students before the school year begins.

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Paideia Classical

Our Vision

2024-2025 represents Paideia Classical Academy’s Thirteenth year of operation. Rooted in the patristic Christian tradition of classical education, we are servicing the South Florida tri-county area (Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach) and are conveniently located close to the border of Palm Beach and Broward.  Contact us now to set up a visit and enroll as we are reaching our maximum capacity for 2023-2024. Expect traditional, on campus learning, with perennial safety attributes

Resisting times, ideologies of men, hardships and whims, classical education methods and principles are preserved timelessly. With focus on independent scholarship and earthly stewardship of each student, with permanent roots in Truth, Beauty, and Good, the education offered at Paideia is opened to anyone who thinks education is a noble pursuit, regardless whether the times are fair or turbulent.

 Permanent features at Paideia:

  • Orthodox Christian school ministry open to all children, nurturing their minds, bodies, and souls;
  • Family-oriented small school;
  • Classical curriculum and approach emphasize an increased level of independent thinking and work;
  • Traditional education: real textbooks, workbooks, and original sources  for each student in all subjects;
  • Individualized attention and progression towards mastery approach allows teachers to properly sustain accelerated growth of gifted students, or, respectively, address academic gaps of incoming students;
  • Ten-acre campus, with extensive green areas;
  • Outdoor academics solutions; indoor large spaces and air scrubbing solutions;
  • Promoting a proper worldview regarding illness, suffering, compassion, and community through Orthodox Christian teachings, thus decreasing stress and anxiety, and increasing mutual love and support.

What's Unique About Paideia Classical Academy

Content – thoroughly classical syllabus with a conservative Orthodox Christian worldview

Goal – lifelong, Christ-centered, self-learning ability

Method – tripartite pedagogy, traditional master-disciple-parent (main, pervading all developmental stages)

Virtues – attributes of Jesus Christ, Son of God Incarnate, arising not from teachings, but as the fruits of the Holy Spirit

Teachers – supportive, multidisciplinary, and highly qualified masters

Students – from preschool to twelfth grade, learning at their own pace, according to their developmental stage, personal abilities, and gifts

Nutritional philosophy – green, organic, healthy

Paideia Classical Academy Jobs

We employ only the best of the best


2370 Hammock Blvd., Coconut Creek, FL


Inspired, confident and ready

Step Up Scholarships

Click here to learn about the various types of scholarships available for Florida students through the Step Up for Students Program.

RECENT NEWS: Hope Scholarship applications now also accepted for “COVID-19 harassment”. Click here to apply as normal; Hope Notification Form must be completed by the school for the application before you apply. The school would have to mark “Harassment” and make a note of COVID-19 or mask mandate.


Latest Testimonials
Ms Valcimond
Natacha SAID
Parent of Two Children

A very delightful school in God's name. Both my kids go here. Great staff. Ms. Christine, God bless you more for helping us in decision making. Great teachers with patience. Good job!!!

Laine SAID
Parent of three children

Paideia Classical Academy is a wonderful school where my children's spiritual walk, academic development & personal life skills are being nurtured/ challenged with love and compassion by all staff.


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